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A place where children learn to be safe online...


Skooville is a children's social network.

  • A social network that is different to all others.
  • Skooville is protected 24/7 by trained moderators.
  • Every child that joins Skooville is first authenticated by their school, so every child member is known to be a 'real' child. Something other children's web sites can't claim.
  • When you add these safety features to the many others we have in our system (example: Teachers on Skooville can can only communicate online with children in their own school), we believe Skooville is the safest children's community anywhere in the world. Nothing comes close.
  • We are in the business of changing young children's online behaviours so they are better equipped to protect their own wellbeing.
  • It's simple, it's important and it's what we do.

Safety first

Skooville is a place where children learn how to be safe and responsible online. They are able to make mistakes and self-correct their own behaviours, receiving personalised feedback from our moderators. Parents and teachers who do not teach cybersafety can rely on Skooville to do this for them. Those who do teach online safety and cyber-citizenship will find Skooville is a positive reinforcement.

Skooville is a motivating way to introduce even the youngest children to the online world, safely and responsibily.


Chat with confidence

The Skooville Conversation system provides even the youngest children with the means to easily and safely create personal, group and 'everyone' chats. More instant than email, children use our conversation system to learn what it really means to take responsibility for what they say online. Teachers can view their students' conversations, whilst our filters prevent harmful and bullying messages from being sent at all. And children's conversations are of course, checked 24/7 by our highly trained moderators.

Shout out

Skooville provides every child with a voice and an opportunity to make a real contribution on any number of issues, from climate change to preventing bullying to who is going to make the school swimming team. Skooville helps children formulate opinions and understandings about their world.


Connect with others

Skooville provides a safe place for children to connect with others around the globe, with opportunities to celebrate and understand different cultures.

Become a cybercitizen

As well as providing a safe online haven for children to play, connect and learn under the watchful eyes of our moderators, Skooville is unique in developing each child's moral compass. Not only does Skooville provide incentives for good online behaviour but each time a child makes a mistake our moderators are there to help them empathise, adjust and to make better, more informed choices. The Skooville difference enables children to grow into safer, respectful and more responsible members of the online world.


Design and personalise

Skooville is an online space, made for children, by children. Kids regard it as their own, safe place, where they talk with friends, design personal home pages, update their profiles, enter competitions, review books, films and apps, work together on projects, collect virtual badges and just hang out and have fun.

Learn by being

Skooville teaches children first-hand how to keep themselves safe online. It gives members a guided experience, helping to develop their confidence, skills and most importantly their behaviours to better protect themselves in their online lives. Teachers use Skooville to teach digital literacy, introducing students to essential web skills in a fun, motivating environment. Children also flourish independently, taking part in a wide range of educational activities, games and projects, even initiating their own clubs, events and activities.


Play to Learn

Skooville includes a host of 'serious' yet fun educational games for children, including:

  • MoneySmart Town. Fun filled Financial Literacy. MoneySmart Town is a virtual world where children learn to be 'money smart' by getting a job, earning money.. and spending it!
  • CyberSmart Badges. How cyber-savvy are your children? Our CyberSmart Badges, designed with Australian government partner ACMA, will show them how to protect their own well-being online as well as looking out for friends, parents and siblings, even grandparents.
  • Skooville Stars. Ten Cybersafety Stars to test even the most experienced cybersafety expert.
  • SumWizard. You've heard of Mathletics? Well this is better. An online space where children compete a range of number, shapes, fractions, problem solving and money tasks at three different difficulty levels. They can play solo or pit their skills against those of their friends.
  • Skooville Arcade. A fast-moving, fun-filled game a second in this old-style electronic games arcade.


Why Skooville?

  • Endorsed and supported by governments and educationalists worldwide
  • Proven effective in changing children's online behaviours for the better
  • Moderated 24/7 by highly trained and police-checked staff
  • Children are authenticated by their schools before they join
  • Parents and teachers have control over children's accounts
  • An international community of 300,000+ children
  • Sponsored by companies that care, including Telstra and Vodafone
  • From the same folks that brought you the groundbreaking cybersafety web site, SuperClubsPLUS
  • Children love, love, love it!

Lite or Full?

Benefits of being a Full member

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Moderated 24 hours, 7 days per week
Never see advertising - ever!
Learn how to be safe online
Become MoneySmart
Chat with friends in 1-1 and group chats
Join public chats
Friend other Skooville members
Explore all the Skooville areas
Design and publish home pages
Create a club with members and activities
Sell images and icons to to earn coins
Play games
Earn badges
Enter competitions

Pricing: Home (All prices include tax where applicable)

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Pricing: Schools

Use the sliders to discover exact costs for your school.

Remember, its always cheaper (per child) to register for a full year.

New Zealand schools go free thanks to the support of Vodafone NZ.



Contact us here, for anything. We'll do our best to respond within 24 hrs.

Skooville is coming to an end.

As a consequence of the pandemic we’ve seen a falling away of Australian and UK school subscriptions making it impossible to continue to operate the site. This will mark almost two decades of Skooville and before, SuperClubsPLUS, engaging and helping children around the world to have fun and learn to keep themselves safe online. Skooville will close its doors permanently on 1 December. Please contact, if you have any questions.