Child Safety

Its usually difficult to know what, if any, child protection processes are in place on 'children friendly' or even so-called 'child safe' websites. For this reason we think it is important to tell you exactly how we go about protecting your child and the information they upload to Skooville. Skooville is most definitely 'child safe' and here you'll read the reasons why we believe we can legitimately make this claim when so many other sites should not.

Please read our Child Safe statement together with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of use, to get a complete picture of Skooville.

We have taken the following measures to protect all children under the age of 15 (Skooville is intended for children 6-14 years):

  1. We automatically provide all users with a username which contains only their first name. Users cannot chose or create their own username.
  2. We monitor and review all contributions that each child makes on Skooville, including their Conversations and Home Pages; and their contributions to special activities, such as Book, Film and Game Reviews and Questions & Answers. We also monitor and review all media that each child uploads to Skooville, including images, photographs and videos.
  3. We use a number of measures, resources and tools to assist us to effectively moderate Skooville which include using a combination of sophisticated software filters and specially trained staff who monitor activity and receive and respond to reports of any misuse or misconduct by users.
  4. We only allow your child to register with Skooville if we can confirm their identity with a 'trusted partner', such as a school and its teachers. We do not allow anonymous members on Skooville. If a child's identity remains unconfirmed for any reason they will not be allowed to join Skooville.
  5. We only collect a very limited amount of personal information from your child, comprising their First Name, Year and Month of Birth and their School Name. A child their teacher and/or parent may choose to include other information about themselves, such as a second name, but this is not required. Our Skooville Rules specifically discourage posting or sharing of private information. Please see our Privacy Policy and Skooville Rules for further details.
  6. We will immediately suspend your child's access to Skooville if you inform us that you do not wish to permit your child to use our site. We will delete their Skooville Account (including any personal information collected from them or otherwise known and/or held about them) seven (7) days after receiving your request.
  7. We want all our children members to feel safe when using Skooville. We therefore encourage all users to behave responsibly when using Skooville. If we become aware that a user is being mean or nasty or is harassing or bullying anyone through Skooville, we will take swift action which is likely to include temporarily or permanently suspending their access to Skooville.
  8. All children members are required to adhere to our Skooville Rules and a failure to do so may result in their temporary or even their permanent exclusion from Skooville.
  9. Skooville is actively monitored and moderated 24/7, unless the site is closed for any reason, such as maintenance or for a special event or date (such as Christmas day). We employ a number of trained moderators in different parts of the world for this purpose. Other sites often claim to be monitored but this is often only passive (i.e. their staff respond to reported events but they don't actively seek out potential or actual behavioural issues as we do in Skooville) and/or sporadic (i.e. usually undertaken during office hours only and potentially by untrained and perhaps even non-adult staff or volunteers).

What we don't do:

  1. We do not make your child's access or participation on Skooville conditional upon your child disclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary for them to enjoy the services we provide.
  2. We do not give out or display any information we collect about your child on Skooville or any other website.
  3. We do not expose any child to direct advertising. However, we may promote our own products and services to our members, such as information updates, competitions and events.
  4. We do not allow access or linking to external sites on Skooville that are potentially unsafe for young children. This includes Facebook.


We aim to provide a number of features that help provide a more personalised experience for our users. To achieve this, we may collect a limited amount of non-personal information from your child. For example we may ask your child about which books and films they have enjoyed, what games they like to play.

We also collect and share with third parties aggregated statistical data about visitors to Skooville and their traffic patterns. This information does not personally identify your child. From time to time we may also collect further non-personal information however, just to be clear, this is anonymous information that does not identify your child in any personal capacity.


If you have any questions about the information in this guidance or would like further information, please feel free to contact us:

Contact IMA at the following email and PO Box address:

PO Box 477 East Melbourne VIC Australia 8002